1、Will you suddenly appear, in a coffee shop around the corner, I will bring the smiling face, and you say, not to say once upon a time, just say, say to you, just say, long time no see.

  2、I know someone in the world is waiting for me, although I've no idea of who he is. But I feel happy every day for this.

  3、I like a lonely puppet, lost and I follow like a shadow another puppet, never show will not move, was abandoned in the corner of dusty, alone in despair, in a desperate sad, then continue to missing you.

  4、We all live in the past. We take a minute to know someone, one hour tolike someone, and one day to love someone, but the whole life to forgetsomeone.

  5、If the truth is a kind of injury, please choose to lie. If the injury is a lie, please choose the silent. If silent is one kind of injury, please choose to leave.

  6、Grandma said, people died is auditory sometimes feel to the imperial power, when if you hear his beloved people cry, then he will go back, a look back on the deal days.

  7、I always think that only the lonely and the huge bird is looking for something in it, to find it, it can be most willing to so many hundred years lonely. I like the bird, for their own ideals can fling caution to the winds.

  8、When you feel hurt and your tears are gonna to drop. Please look up andhave a look at the sky once belongs to us. If the sky is still vast,clouds are still clear, you shall not cry because my leave doesn't takeaway the world that belongs to you.

  9、In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself forsomeone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership nor love. Justask for meeting you in my most beautiful years. 一生至少该有一次,为了某个人而忘了自己,不求有结果,不求同行,不求曾经拥有,甚至不求你爱我。只求在我最美的年华里,遇到你。

  10、One is always on a strange road, watching strange scenery and listeningto strange music. Then one day, you will find that the things you tryhard to forget are already gone.

  11、Remembrance is a form of meeting, forgetfulness is a form of freedom.

  12、Love makes man grow up or sink down.

  13、If you leave me, please don't comfort me because each sewing has to meet stinging pain.

  14、In this world, only those men who really feel happy can give women happiness

  15、Men love from overlooking while women love from looking up. If love isa mountain, then if men go up, more women they will see while womenwill see fewer men.

  16、One may fall in love with many people during the lifetime. When youfinally get your own happiness, you will understand the previoussadness is kind of treasure, which makes you better to hold and cherishthe people you love.

  17、Leave, let all become simple, so that all have reason to be forgiven, let us come again.

  18、I don't know is it right All the love stories have a critical point, one hour, one day, those who have been careful to save gold all disappeared. Save the children suddenly sad cry.

  19、Time does not wait for me, you forgot to take me away.

  20、Happiness is not about being immortal nor having food or rights inone's hand. It's about having each tiny wish come true, or havingsomething to eat when you are hungry or having someone's love when youneed love.

  21、When you are young, you may want several love experiences. But as timegoes on, you will realize that if you really love someone, the wholelife will not be enough. You need time to know, to forgive and to love.All this needs a very big mind.

  22、I love you not for who you are, but for who I am before you.

  23、I just look at you now smiling silent pride lost so I follow you follow you happy and sad but I always stand now but you never stay in the past.我就像现在一样看着你 微笑 沉默 得意 失落 于是我跟着你开心 也跟着你难过 只是我一直站在现在 而你去永远停留在过去。

  24、Is there anyone who hasn't suffered for the secret love We alwaysthink that love is very heavy, heavy and could be the heaviest thing inthe world. But one day, when you look back, you suddenly realize thatit's always light, light. We all thought love was very deep, but infact it's very thin. The deepest and heaviest love must grow up withthe time.

  25、I subvert the entire world, only to straighten out your reflection.

  26、An unacceptable love needs no sorrow but time- sometime for forgetting.A badly-hurt heart needs no sympathy but understanding.

  27、We shall always save a place for ourselves, only for ourselves. Andthen begin to love. Have no idea of what it is, who he is, how to loveor how long it will be. Just wait for one love. Maybe no one will comeout, but this kind of waiting is the love itself.

  28、If a woman is not sexy, she needs emotion; if she is not emotional, sheneeds reason; if she is not reasonable, she has to know herselfclearly. coz only she has is misfortune.

  29、When the days become old photo when the old photos become memories, we became back to back the pedestrians, along different directions, the stubborn one step away from Athens, no, no Rome, no way back.

  30、I love and am used to keeping a distance with those changed things.Only in this way can I know what will not be abandoned by time. Forexample, when you love someone, changes are all around. Then I stepbackward and watching it silently, then I see the true feelings.

  31、Good love makes you see the whole world from one person while bad love makes you abandon the whole world for one person.

  32、When tomorrow turns in today, yesterday, and someday that no moreimportant in your memory, we suddenly realize that we r pushed forwardby time. This is not a train in still in which you may feel forwardwhen another train goes by. It is the truth that we've all grown up.And we become different.

  33、I am a very lonely at the time the children will look up to the sky, watching the sun, watching the big moon, hope to see the eyes of the neck pain, choking with tears. This is true, children do not lie.

  34、If you can hold something up and put it down, it is calledweight-lifting; if you can hold something up but can never put it down,it's called burden-bearing. Pitifully, most of people are bearing heavyburdens when they are in love.

  35、The carousel is the most brutal game, but have eternal chase each ot(情感语录)her distance.

  36、Don't forget the things you once you owned. Treasure the things youcan't get. Don't give up the things that belong to you and keep thoselost things in memory.

  37、His world without her, her world is only him. The world is such, never fair. This is a timeless tussle, who care about more, will lose more.

  38、Idon't think that when people grow up, they will become morebroad-minded and can accept everything. Conversely, I think it's aselecting process, knowing what's the most important and what's theleast. And then be a simple man.

  39、Love is a lamp, while friendship is the shadow. When the lamp is off,you will find the shadow everywhere. Friend is who can give youstrength at last.

  40、The boy taught me to grow, those girls taught me how to love.

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