1、We're so proud of you.

  2、You look nice in that color.

  3、You two make a lovely couple.

  4、You look like a million dollars. = you look outstanding.=you look like a movie star.

  5、I admire your work.

  6、Your English is incredible.

  7、The food is delicious.

  8、Your Chinese is really surprising.

  9、You're so smart.

  10、You look great today.

  11、This is really a nice place.(心情说说)

  12、You're looking sharp!

  13、I'm very pleased with your work.

  14、What an adorable baby!

  15、Your son/daughter is so cute.

  16、You have a good sense of humor.

  17、You have a good taste.

  18、You always know the right thing to say.

  19、Everything tastes great.

  20、You're very professional.

  21、I envy you very much.

  22、Your company is very impressive.

  23、You're really talented.

  24、You did a good job.

  25、You have a very successful business.

  26、You've got a great personality.

  27、Your wife is very charming.

  28、Nice going! = you did a good job.

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