1、Thousand of time I have thought of you .My heart is going high into the air and flying with my blessing towards you I don't care loneliness. I am satisfied when you are happy and I am happy when I think of you!

  2、In my heart there is a secret. It is contained in only four words-l miss you sorely.

  3、Do you understand the feeling of missing someone It is just like that you will spend a long hard time to turn the ice-cold water you have drunk into tears.

  4、Your passinate eyes are like glittering stars.They glitter in my heart lightly.

  5、It is graceful grief and sweet sadness to think of you, but in my heart, there is a kind of soft warmth that can't be expressed with any choice of words.

  6、Good memories are in my deep blessing. Warm rmssing brings my silent wishes, take care of yourself and come back as you wish.

  7、Thousnds of rivers separate us and thousands of mountains are boundless.l can only trust my missing to cloud, may you find a happy life and come back with a successful study earlier.

  8、Outside, the new moon shines bright all around, but the lonely lamp on my desk is dim. How l wish this small piece of paper would take to youmyresdess yearning.

  9、I miss you so deeply that my love just like a kite has broken its line and won't stop flying until it reaches you at last.

  10、I miss you not because of my loneliness but I do feel lonely when I miss you. Only when I miss you deeply I feel so lonely.

  11、Please don' t keep silence all the time and don' t wait just for waiting. May the boat with my love sail into your heart.

  12、How tranquil! How quiet! What silvery moonlight! Where are you, my dearWhen can we sit together by the window enjoying this quiet, tranquil evening.
  不尽的思念,如—只断桨的小船,在我心中划过我忧伤的心海。 今夜月色如银,多么安谧,多么宁静?亲爱的,你在哪里?何时才能和你共剪西窗烛,欣赏这静夜恬适的美景?

  13、You give me a bunch of roses, bathing the morning dew; you see me off with sunshine. Nowadays, roses are still there but we are not together.I miss you very much in a starry night in autumn.

  14、The unending yearning, like a boat with broken oars, rows across the sea of my sad heart.

  15、Listening to my heart beating. Seeing how much I love you ,I dare to admit how much I love you .When thinking of you, I hope you can receive the passionate words I left for you!

  16、People all say the crystal-like dews are the tears shed by the stars. But do you ever know, they are also my yearning tears for you .
  美好的回忆中溶进我深深的祝福,温馨的思念里带去默默的 祈祷:多多保重,如愿而归!

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